Monday, September 1, 2008

Same ol' Same ol'....

It's been a while since I posted. I don't like be silent for too long. Nothing much has really changed since my last post. I did have a mapping last Thursday but all we did was turn things up a notch. I had to get used to it all over again...and I have. I've already moved up to P2 this time around as well. Again, sounds are still the same just louder. I am still very aware of the air conditioner and the fridge but that's okay. Voices still have that mickey-mouse-on-helium through-static-type vibe to it. I don't understand speech at all and it's getting quite frustrating. In fact, the other night when Jason and I were going through one of the children's books I got down right frustrated. I took a break the last two days. A break from reading the book not from the CI's. I'm not that crazy! Today, I laid in bed most of the day and read a book and it was glorious! I just need to relax and not do anything and I did exactly that. Of course I go back to work tomorrow. At my next mapping we are hoping to introduce some actual programs that can be used besides ADRO. However she wants me to try to get to P4 by my next appt. but if I can't that's okay. I have tired P4 and WOW that's LOUD!!!! I will slowly try to move up but I am not making any promises. Haha. I am hoping that we can tweak something besides loudness. I feel like I am not going to understand speech unless we are able to change something besides volume. My next mapping is September 11th...hopefully something good will come from it despite it being the anniversary of something terrible.

Well...signing out for now....


Laurie said...

It's great to see you posting again. September 11th is our first HLAA Chapter meeting. . . how is that for something good? I'm counting on you to make brownies!

At your next mapping appointment, you need to ask for Whisper, Autosensitivity, & BEAM. Based on your comments, it sounds like Autosensitivity might be the program for you to try. And maybe even BEAM, which was my favorite for the first year.

You're doing good. Hang in there!

Hugs! Laurie

Jennifer Bruno Conde said...

Hi Karen,

Isn't it amazing how things can change with a mapping? Sounds like Laurie gave you some good advice. I love getting advice from others. I've been able to give a little, but not having experienced a CI first hand, I'm a little limited.

My niece will be 7 on September 11th and my grandmother would have been 112 if she were still alive.


Shari/"Whiger" said...

Yay. A new post!! :)

Yeah, I hear you. I'm using P3 most of the time. I pretty much start at P1 for an hour or so, then P2 for a few hours and keep moving up.

I am not getting any speech per se, but I'm hearing something. With the TV, the buzzing goes haywire, but still no speech. People's voices are still hollow. I am just glad I still have my other ear as a back up.

I guess we need to be patient and listen, listen, listen. We are progressing at about the same rate, I think. It makes me feel better knowing that there really isn't anything wrong, that it's normal and that we all have different experiences.

I only have ADRO on, with a louder volume at each program. My next mapping is September 9.